As said that imagination attracts people, Imagination Blogger template is yet another impressive template which would probably become Blogger user’s favorite.

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  1. Anup says:

    Hi Cloud,

    Congrats, your site now stands on Page Rank 6 🙂 But, I loose my PR. I shifted my blog from to is this reason to I loose my page rank? What should I do to get back my Page Rank?


  2. World Best Blogger Templates says:

    Page rank is a game of search engine this is not easy. you will be work more and more. Nice shearing.

  3. sastraboy says:

    Hi there!

    hm.I’m having trouble to upload this template to my blog.Its always come up with words like ‘xml error message:prolog is not allowed” and lots more.

    but i’m to eager to have this template of yours as my template.Its sooo great!!
    Can you please help me??

  4. Cloud says:

    Thanks Anup for congrats! I’m sure that’s the reason that you lost your PR, as this was happened to me before.

    Keep up your good content, and eventually you would get high PR, that’s what many great people taught me. 😀

  5. Cloud says:

    Yeah WBBT, I thought we would work more to ensure the quality content and template, as they brought us high PR, thanks for your words! 😉

  6. Cloud says:

    Hi Sastraboy,

    Thanks for your report and kind words.

    I tested the template and it works properly for me, you can try to download the template from the post above and upload it to your blog again, hope this helps. 😉

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