It’s true that flower is always the element for elegant design, so does this Defne Blogger template with comfortable flower design.

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  1. Attalib says:

    Nice template,well done!
    i’d like to share it with Arabs & RTL languages ,check this version from :

  2. Cloud says:

    Thanks Attalib, your contribution really matters to us, we appreciate this very much! 😀

  3. Alexander says:

    Thank you for this theme 😀

  4. Cloud says:

    Sure Alexander, thanks for your kind comment! 🙂

  5. iurf says:

    thanks for sharing with us their beautiful templates
    I want to change the template of my blog … that is changing.
    I m trying this your template DEFN, and would like to know if and how it is possible to change the position of the tags and comments on posts … is that they appear at the top of the posts, and I would put them down below to posts .. what should I do?

  6. Cloud says:

    Hello iurf, thanks for your kind comment, I appreciate this very, very much.

    It’s possible to change the position of the tags and comments on posts by customize the template’s code, but I’m sorry that we do not support customization request.

    However, there’s many tutorials for blogger template’s customization in the web, which you can search on to find the one you need. Hope this helps and sincerely thanks for your understanding. 😉

  7. Laura Brisbane says:

    Very nice and classy. Thanks, keep blogging!

  8. Cloud says:

    Thanks Laura 🙂

  9. Gold Coast girl says:

    Thanks for sharing this beautiful template. Simple and elegant. Keep blogging!

  10. Graphic Chick Brisbane says:

    Wow man you really do some nice work. I am enjoying surfing your blog and checking out what your up to. Great work.

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