Best Now

Armed with the most minimalistic yet professional design, Best Now Blogger template is a versatile giant that’s suitable for any kind of blogging.

4 Responses to “Best Now”

  1. PintuKita says:

    This is very neat and simple style template design. Nice work…

  2. Cloud says:

    Thanks PintuKita, I appreciate your kind words very much. 🙂

  3. ajb says:

    I like to use, but I need the main wrapper larger, with at least 660px, but can not find where to change it, how can I change this?
    excuse my English!

  4. Cloud says:

    Hi ajb,

    Sure, you can absolutely change the width of main wrapper in the CSS of this template, just log into the dashboard and click on the ‘Layout’, then click on the ‘Edit HTML’ tab and modify the CSS part of the main wrapper, click ‘Save Template’ to save the customization.

    Hope this helps. 😉

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