Similar with AquaGreen, Vio Blogger template has more elaboration on wonderful purple color, which is still a very fresh color in current web design.

6 Responses to “Vio”

  1. slams says:

    template baru apa ini ya
    bagus juga warna ungunya

  2. Cloud says:

    Terima kasih Slams!

  3. Sarah says:

    Hi I got a question! I just upload this template then I found my social bookmark buttons disappeared even with my social bookmarking link completed.
    Then I take the demo version and try changing some code, then its the turn that the search bar disappeared…
    Can you send me a complete version?

  4. Cloud says:

    Nice to meet you Sarah, can I have your blog address that uses Vio Blogger template to study the issue further? Thank you! 🙂

  5. Peta says:

    I’m wondering if you will be making any customisations to support ‘pages’ which are now supported in Blogger. I’ve got several pages and would like to suppress the category label (as no label can be assigned for a page}. It would also be nice to suppress the comments bubble for pages too, as no comments can be added to a page.

  6. Cloud says:

    Hi Peta,

    Sorry for the late response, I have discussed with another template maker and see how we can improve it with your precious suggestion, sincerely thanks! 😉

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