It’s nice that every time I bring Jinsona’s design like this Multichrome Blogger template to you, the design is awesome, features are professional and the structure is well-arranged. I hope you enjoy this template, which is suitable for almost all kind of blog.

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  1. Earl says:

    The colors are just brilliant!

  2. Kukri says:

    Thank you
    I used this template for my personal information website.


  3. Cloud says:

    Earl, I do think so! 🙂

  4. Cloud says:

    Thanks Kukri, believed the template suits your site very much. 🙂

  5. Zeki Says :P says:

    excellent themplate guys, thank you.. good choose, good job, good working and good finish..

  6. Esydownloads says:

    All things are right but Slider and Dropdown menu is not working

  7. anilsai says:

    how to insert image at the welcome message……….

    and template works perfect dude #$%

  8. Cloud says:

    Thanks Zeki, I love your positive affirmation to our work, we would keep improving our Blogger templates!

  9. Cloud says:

    Hi Esydownloads,

    Thanks for comment, in fact I don’t implement Slider and Dropdown menu in this template. 😉

  10. Cloud says:

    Hi Anilsai,

    Nice to meet you, you can follow the guide mentioned in the ‘Read Me’ file to put image into the Welcome Message section.

  11. mint says:

    hello there,,,i’ve tried to add image into the welcome message but failed. the image link was from flicker and picasa web album. must i have photobucket account to get the image link before i can successfully insert the image and actually appear after saving it?

  12. Cloud says:

    Hi Mint,

    Nice to meet you. You can probably add image from Flickr or/and Picasa album into your Welcome Message section. Can I have your image address, or site address that contains the image you want to add into the section?

    I can help to point out the address that you should put into the section, you can then refer to the ‘Read Me’ file to see how to insert and display it successfully, looking further to your reply. 🙂

  13. mint says:

    howdy cloud! thanks. i did it! thanks anyway 🙂

  14. Steven says:

    When images inserted via import photo from url – the images don’t seem to show up in ie8? Any ideas?

  15. Tayyab says:

    Welcome Message and Right side bar is not showing up in IE

  16. Cloud says:

    That’s cool Mint, glad that you made it! 🙂

  17. Cloud says:

    Hi Steven,

    Thanks for report, can I have your blog address to study this issue further? Thank you. 😉

  18. Cloud says:

    Hi Tayyab,

    Thanks for commenting this issue, can I know your IE’s version? I checked the demo and it’s showing properly in IE7.

    Thank you. 🙂

  19. Tayyab Ilyas says:

    Hi Cloud, It’s IE6
    another issue i want to add navigation same as top menu bar at footer above credits line and then below that navigation bar want to add 3 column gadget, can you help me in it.Thanks

  20. maestro says:

    hey nice template am using it on my blog and i made a few changes to it to suit my needs. I left the links back to u and everything. All is well except the posts dates dont show up and neither does the ammount of comments. Can u have a look and check whats gone wrong plzz. If u can help most appreciated.

  21. Cloud says:

    Hi Tayyab Ilyas,

    Thanks for your further comment, I do suggest you to switch to Internet Explorer 7 or 8 for new features and better online experience.

    I feel sorry that we’re not supporting customization, but you can try to search tutorial in Google which is pretty handy and useful. 🙂

  22. Cloud says:

    Hi Maestro,

    I’m glad that you’re using Multichrome template, thank you! Visited your blog and seems that you’ve implemented post date and comment amount into the blog, very nice customization. 🙂

    All the best!

  23. jack says:

    how do you make your own theme.

  24. Cloud says:

    Jack, did you mean to create your own Blogger template? It needs some studies on XML, HTML and CSS, hope this helps. 😉

  25. Tuan says:

    Something’s wrong with the comment. Plz correct it

    You can see the problem here

  26. Cloud says:

    Thanks Tuan for report! Been listed into update list and would publish it within 1 week. 😉

  27. maestro says:

    is it possible to make the width smaller without widgets being relocated in the bottom of the page cuz thats wat happens everytime i try.

  28. maestro says:

    am wondering also how is it that this one dont allow for quick edit!? thanx

  29. Cloud says:

    Hi Maestro,

    It’s possible to make the width smaller without widgets relocated to the page’s bottom, you might need to try another solution besides your current one. 😉

    Multichrome does not come with Quick Edit feature, but I would put every standard Blogger feature in next scheduled update. 🙂

  30. maestro says:

    hey thanx for reply i have managed to get the width smaller its all good. tryin to put a comment feed in the footer now. thanx for this template am reli liking it.

  31. Cloud says:

    Hi Maestro,

    Sure, I’m glad that you have successfully make its width smaller!

    Thank you for your kind reply, any suggestion/report is welcomed anytime! 🙂

  32. 20 Excellent Magazine-Styled Blogger Templates says:

    […] with a clean look, ideal for placing advertisements on your website.19. Multichrome [Demo | Release Page] – This template is a multi-colored template designed with lots of gerat features built into […]

  33. Andre says:

    How can I solve the problem with the comments? Big comments goes up to the new post fiel hidding…not working. Really need to fix that, because its a very cool template, deserve to be fix it!

  34. Cloud says:

    Thanks for your report Andre, can I have your blog address to observe the issue and make a fix on it? Thank you! 🙂

  35. Ariel says:

    Cloud: I dont writh good english. I hope you understand me.

    I open a new blog only for test your amazing template. But de comments not working…please look and tell me

  36. alex says:

    same problem here with comments, please any help would be appreciate

    thanks for this template 🙂

  37. Cloud says:

    Hi Ariel,

    Your English is good enough to write an article. 😉

    I cannot view your blog, which the Blogger tells me the blog is not found, but I can understand the issue you’re experiencing.

    Please allow me 3 days to publish the update that fixes this issue, thanks for your patience and understanding! 🙂

  38. Cloud says:

    Sure Alex, the fix would be published within 3 days, thanks for your patience! 🙂

  39. Cloud says:

    Hi Multichrome user,

    I’m sorry that we delayed the publish of the updated template due to the weak internet connection here, you can now download the updated template in the post above.

    Here is the note about the template update (v1.10):

    – Comment Section
    – Comment Avatar’s Position
    – Comment Form Section
    – Post Navigation

    – Blogger Labels Tag
    – Blogger Labels Gadget’s Position
    – Blogger Author Tag
    – Top Navigation Menu Gadget Section
    – Navigation Menu Gadget Section
    – Welcome Message Gadget Section
    – 300×250 Ads Gadget Section
    – Sidebar Gadget Section
    – Email Post Icon’s Position
    – Post Edit Icon’s Position
    – Post Reaction
    – Comment Author’s Name

    – DateHeader Function
    – Post Backlinks

    – Search Section

    Please report to us if you found any creepy bug, thanks for all your contribution and enjoy the updated template! 🙂

  40. designer says:

    300×250 Ads Gadget Section do not work please help

  41. Cloud says:

    Hi Designer, I visited your blog and discovered that it’s working properly, congrats! 🙂

  42. alex says:


  43. designer says:

    Firefox Adblock plus blocked 300×250 adsense for that reason it disappearared in my page and draft blogger.

  44. Cloud says:

    You’re welcome Alex. 😉

  45. Cloud says:

    Hi designer,

    I’m sorry for the late response, just checked your blog and discovered that the Adsense ads appeared on it, congrats! 🙂

  46. designer says:

    No problem Cloud 🙂

    Thank you 🙂

  47. Cloud says:


  48. Philibert says:

    Hello Cloud, and sorry if i do some language mistakes,
    thank you for this great theme, exactly what i wanted. i’m working on my blog’s conception and i’m asking some questions that will interest many people i think. If you have a code to insert or an update it would be really cool. Example :

    Joopbraakhekke 2 weeks ago
    It’s mentioned before… But I don’t see an answer right now. Is it possible to make the featured post slider clickable so that it links to the post in the slider as most featured sliders do?

    Contrapaul 4 months ago
    I just installed the newest version- how do I add a “read” link to the end of the featured posts (on slider)?

    Andronic 5 months ago
    how can i add on this theme link to post from the post preview on home page, i have only the title and the read mote to go to full post, how can a do to have the link for thumbnail ?

    Martin 6 months ago
    I installed multichrome and in the slide preview text isn’t a “Read” Button.
    Can you help me??

    Andronic 5 months ago
    in this theme the pages are usually ordered alphabetically, if i insert number to order pages nothing happens, remains alphabetically ordered

    joshquigley 4 months ago in reply to Fann
    Did you ever get an answer back on this, because I would like to know the answer to this question.

    Fann 5 months ago
    Hi, is there a way to arrange the pages not in alphabetical order but rather my own order? I tried to tweak the order using WP’s own order for each pages but it doesn’t work.


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