Just similar with famous Masunurin, Magiting Blogger template features the grey elegant magazine design, while includes some improved features like ads gadget and comment profile image.

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  1. noushad vadakkel says:

    nice template again…thank you …CLOUD

  2. noushad vadakkel says:

    little help please CLOUD .’SEARCH’ NOT IN ACTION..:(

  3. Cloud says:

    Sure Noushad Vadakkel, thanks for your every comment in Theme Craft! 🙂

    Really thank you for reporting the issue, fixed immediately. 😀

  4. peren says:

    I like this template so much 🙂 thank you for sharing. but I couldn’t give my facebook or twitter links on this template. could you help me with this problem?

  5. noushad vadakkel says:

    oh nice, reply. thanks CLOUD . waiting ….. 🙂

  6. Shivam says:

    yeah.. awesome theme!! 😀
    but plz.. fix ‘searchbox’.. and what the hell two searchboxes are doing there???

  7. Cloud says:

    Thank you Peren, like you encouraging comment. 😀

    You can refer to the ‘Read Me’ text file provided in the downloaded file to put the Facebook and Twitter link on the template, hope this helps. 😉

  8. Cloud says:

    Thanks Shivam, glad that you feel awesome to this theme! 😀

    The search function has been fixed. 2 Search boxes are caused by my demo test lolz, have confirmed that only 1 search box is existed in the downloaded template. 😉

  9. noushad vadakkel says:

    pls tell me what i do to ‘search’ problem fix? for this lovable nice template 🙂

  10. Shivam says:

    LOL.. yu shud not test on demos yu provide here!!!
    nyway.. thx-a-lot!! 🙂

  11. Cloud says:

    Hi Shivam,

    Haha, the fastest yet most dangerous way, I got your lesson! 😀

    Sure, thank you friend for comment. 🙂

  12. Cloud says:

    Hi Noushad Vadakkel,

    Sorry for late response, not sure the old method is not working, I’m still figuring a correct way and will let you know soon, thanks. 😉

  13. Enambelas September says:

    Good work Mr Cloud, best regrd 4 U ( 4 being my teacher on line . . hehe. . .)

  14. Mr Bungle says:

    it’s awsome … thanks for sharing

  15. Cloud says:

    Sure Enambelas September, nice to meet you, I’m not a teacher lolz. 😀

  16. Cloud says:

    Thanks Mr Bungle, do always visit for new template every single day! 🙂

  17. Enambelas September says:

    My pleasure. . .Mr. Cloud. . .

  18. Mary-Lynn says:

    I LOVE Magiting, but I’m having a problem with the comments. On the home page, you can click on the link for the pop-up to see comments. But when you visit blog post URL, the comments are nested but invisible. I see the avatars, but not the comment itself. Can you offer any suggestions? Thanks so much.

  19. Cloud says:

    Hi Mary-Lynn,

    Nice to meet you, thanks for your love for Magiting! I can only understand your issue a bit, can I invite you to send your blog address for me to look into the issue further? Thank you. 🙂

  20. Mary-Lynn says:

    Cloud, thanks and sorry for the delay in response. Just click on my name, I’ve provided the link there to my site. In case that doesn’t work it is:

  21. Cloud says:

    Thanks for the further reply Mary-Lynn, I visited your blog and it seems some code has deleted during your customization.

    You can follow the tutorial below to turn comment’s color from white to black:

    Hope this helps, all the best to your business. 🙂

  22. Mary-Lynn says:

    Cloud, THANK YOU so much!!! I really appreciate your time and help.

  23. Cloud says:

    Sure Mary-Lynn, thanks for using our Blogger template!!! Any ideas/suggestions are welcomed. 😀

  24. Bobby says:

    Tiny suggestion. Can you put in the Posted on/Posted by under the post title please? Other then that it a great template.

  25. Cloud says:

    Sure Bobby, thanks for the suggestion! I would probably implement your suggestion into the template in next scheduled update. 🙂

  26. shenoyjoseph says:

    coo template i m ready to change into these template

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