Black and White

Make your blog minimalistic and elegant with Black and White Blogger template!

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  1. KapanLagi says:

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  2. Black and White Blogger Template | Themelicious says:

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  3. janis says:

    hi! i just used your template on my blog. i just have one little question. if you click on one of my top tabs (hello there, contact, etc.) there’s always a little line at the end of the entry. how do i get rid of that?



  4. Cloud says:

    Hi Janis, nice to meet you. 🙂

    Sure, you can get rid of the little line by access into ‘Layout’ and under the ‘Edit HTML’ tab, search for the ‘ |’.

    Please delete the ‘|’ and save the template to get the line disappeared forever. 😀

    All the best.

  5. Leese says:


    I have just used the old black theme and i would like to take the advertisement section out, is there any easy way of doing this?



  6. l.n. says:

    I’d like to replace the ‘logo’ and text (in this case, Black and White) with an image/header. When I try to do this through the blogger page elements, the image is way too large (even when saved to size) and messes with the spacing. However, I can’t figure out the code to do (I managed to get rid of the header all together, but I was unable to put an image in its place). Thanks!

  7. Cloud says:

    Hi Leese,

    Nice to meet you, thought there’s no advertisement section for this template, did you mean other template?

    Thanks. 😉

  8. Cloud says:

    Hi l.n.,

    Thanks for your very detailed comment, appreciated it.

    Can I have your blog address to observe the issue? Thank you. 😉

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